This is my most personal film to date. A metaphor for fear, the unknown, and intimate relationships, "The Forest" is about a man and a woman as they venture through a metaphorical space and what happens to both parties when one person checks out of the journey.

The title and idea for this film came when a friend asked me how I felt at the end of a long relationship with someone I felt deeply about. My response, "Like a little kid lost in the forest. All alone." 

I used this film as a creative outlet for this break up I was going through.  For months I debated with myself on whether or not I should make it because of how impactful the situation was on my life. It wasn't until after I had conversations with people who had been in similar situations that I decided to make the film. The people I spoke to didn't have creative outlets like I did, so with this film, I wanted to be the voice for myself and those who had been in the forest. 

Artist have been using their art as an emotional outlet since the beginning.  I felt like it was my time to start doing the same